4 Reasons Why All-image Emails Are Good

As you're following the latest email trends, you probably saw emails that are composed entirely out of images. Sometimes you wouldn't even notice it. They are sneaky.


You could be wondering if image-heavy emails are something you should use in your email marketing efforts or avoid as much as possible.


Today I decided to focus on why image-only emails are great. Yes, only one side of the coin is present here, let's dig in.


1. Layout Craft

Yes, HTML is a wonderful technology full of containers, boxes, and other bounding things. But if you're a crafty designer, HTML just can't compare to the stuff you can whip up in Figma. Take a look at this email from Vitaly. It's a perfect example. It creates a great sense of flow and details that couldn't be done with HTML. Sorry, dear devs.


2. Dark Mode

Another day my 80-year-old grandma called and complained that her phone screen started to look dim and sad. It was Dark Mode. Unlike my granny, I love it, and millions of other people use it too. And when it comes to emails, it does ruin the designer's intent quite often. Exporting everything as nontransparent PNGs does get the trick done.

notion image

3. Speed

Turning a design into HTML takes time. Some could argue that WISYWIG is a saver in this case. But I don't think it a great solution. Why? Well, because ideally, you'd have to have a design first. It doubles the time at the very least. But if you have an outstanding design in Figma, you can just export it as slices and don't think about the HTML part.


4. Consistent Branding

This benefit might be more important for some brands than others. I think this is especially applicable for fashion brands. Great fonts help the design to stand out. Baking memorable fonts into PNGs can build brand recognition and will simply make your emails look cool.

notion image

This article is very one-sided. I surely favor image-heavy emails. I generally think that this email setup does way more good than harm. I'm planning to write about the other side of this question. Feel free to leave your email at the bottom so that you won't miss it.


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