5 Persuasion Tactics for Email Marketing [Copy Breakdown]

Every day we're getting promotional emails from different companies. Sometimes we are given a discount. However, we don't often see a long email that is entirely a sales pitch. The email that I chose for this breakdown is from a very talented duo Amy Hoy and Alex Hillman. They run a marketing course called Stacking the Bricks. You can find the whole email here. Since the email is very long I picked 6 tactics that make the email sell.


1. Create Scarcity

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It is always helpful to create a sense of urgency when it comes to sales. The phrase for the first time of the year surely adds a feeling that the offer is rare and hence more valuable.


2. Eliminate Doubt

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An important part of sales is eliminating objections. A customer might say Yeah, this sounds good but... Figure out what these doubts might be, say them out-loud and simply explain why they are not valid.


3. Testimonial

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This email provides several testimonials. It hints on the value of the course and gives you an idea that you can do it too.


4. Create a Push

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Being too salesy might backfire. To protect yourself you can create a push. How? Just show your doubt that the product might be not for them. That does 2 things. It eliminates bad customers that you don't want. And it gives you more trust from customers.


5. Price Objection

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Sometimes customers think that a product/service is expensive. In that case you have to help buyers think differently about it. Don't ever let the number be seen as just a number. If people buy on value let them realize how your product/service is more valuable by creating a simple ROI comparison.


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