6 Alternative CTAs to “BUY NOW”

We always strive to make the copy more impactful. I often see attention-grabbing headlines, smart copy, but some CTAs are often lacking. I decided to find some alternatives to the "BUY NOW" CTA. After analyzing dozens of emails, I found some that might provide new ideas. Catch some inspiration ✨


1. Reiterate the product

By the time your readers reach the end of the email, they might forget what an excellent product you offer. Be sure to remind them.

notion image

2. Reemphasize the discount

Do you have an appealing offer? Make it more explicit. A 50% discount is attractive, but saving $8 is more tangible.

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3. Remind about the distribution methods

Does the business offer pickup and delivery? This Call to Action can communicate that and encourage orders.

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4. Help to find the location

Do you need a CTA for a business with multiple locations around the city? A Call to Action displaying all possible locations can drive foot traffic.

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5. Display categories

Do you have multiple categories on your website? You can make them more accessible with this Call to Action.

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6. Bring up the value

Remember, people purchase your product because they want a solution to a problem. Communicate to them how your product meets their needs.

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Make it explicit with a clear brief

I encourage you to try some of these out for your next campaign. If you work with a copywriter, you can make it clear what type of CTAs you would like to see using my free brief template. 👇👇👇


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