Get Yourself a FREE Video Thumbnail That Will Amuse Your Email Readers [Figma Template]

As I noticed, email campaigns with videos are getting more popular these days. If the video is helpful and insightful I think it's always a great idea to include it. But it's upsetting when an awesome piece of content isn't getting proper attention due a bad presentation.

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Figma Video Thumbnails Template

To make it easier for you to create impactful video thumbnails, I created a Figma File and can be edited in a few clicks. To make it work for you, all you have to do is to replace just one image. Click on it 4 times until the Image window pops up. After that choose your image.

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Get a FREEBIE Email Brief Template

A good brief can save you hours while making the final result better. Having crafted hundreds of emails for clients like Hello Fresh, I want to share my Notion brief template that will set your team up for success.