Looking for the Right Font Size - Use This Chrome Extension

Are you looking for that perfect text styling inside your email campaigns? Everybody has their own "standard font size". There's a way to find that standard for you.


Copycat 😺

A reliable way to discover a good design solution is to find what others do in similar situations. I'm sure you've been looking for design inspirations from your competitors. There's nothing wrong with it. For example, it's very helpful to see what others do with their body section fonts. You can always learn something new. However, just a pair of your eyes isn't that great. It's better to have a tool that will give you an accurate picture.


Solution Tool

Let's make smart copycatting easier for you. There's a good tool that will help you get definite numbers of font sizes that email designers use. It's called CSSViewer. It's a Chrome Extension.

notion image

Here is CSSViewer's work in action. As you can see it shows all important details about the css styling (Font Families, font size, font height, etc.).

Install the Google Chrome Extension ↗


Now with this tool you can be better equipped to find better design inspirations and ultimately make your email campaigns look better.

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