Stuck on Your First Email Campaign? Here's a Quick Fix for Creative Block.

So, you've decided to run your first email campaign. First, you need to design it. If you don’t have a ton of design experience, you might face a creative block. “What if the design won’t resonate?”. “What if my colleagues/boss won’t like it?”. “How do I get started?”. Those are all the typical questions that people ask themselves when it comes to designing their first email template.


Fear is Normal

Let me reassure you. It's completely normal to have those doubts. They simply indicate that you care about the outcome. So, don't let those emotions steer you away from creating your first beautiful email template.


Inspiration is in Front of You - Tablet/mobile Website

You might check out what other brands are doing, but don't rush there immediately. Your main inspiration might be right in front of you. Begin by visiting your brand's website and sizing it down.

notion image

Once you do this, you'll be able to see what your potential first email template can look like. Break down the tablet/mobile version into its basic elements: headlines, body copy, full-width images, simple GIF animations. Recreate these elements in Figma or Sketch and then combine them in a way that flows.


That's my number one piece of advice if you encounter a creative block while designing your first email template. Never stress about the creative block; inspiration is all around you.


Get a FREEBIE Email Brief Template

A good brief can save you hours while making the final result better. Having crafted hundreds of emails for clients like Hello Fresh, I want to share my Notion brief template that will set your team up for success.