Why (image file) size matters

We always look for the best practices when it comes to designing and shipping email campaigns. Loading time is one thing you should start looking into if you still haven't. Let me explain why it is important.


Smaller size = Faster loading speed

When the email is opened by your customer, the HTML code is written, and images are pulled from the servers. Even though we live in a time when internet connection speed gets faster and faster, it still takes time for the images to download. Smaller, optimized images lead to a better user experience since you don't want your users to wait around for the email to load.


Clarifying 2 misconceptions

There's some misunderstanding happening around image optimization. Let me clarify two things. The dimensions of the images don't play a significant role. Meaning, if the image is 2000px wide and 2000px tall but weighs only 100kb, it will be processed fast. Second, generally, the size of the images doesn't impact deliverability. If your email has large files, it won't be blocked by spam filters.


Have fun optimizing!

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